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The left half shows the simulated geoneutrino production distribution detectable by KamLAND, and the right half shows the Earth structure.
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An illustration of the KamLAND hall and access tunnels
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A 3-D illustration of the KamLAND detector
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A black-and-white drawing of the KamLAND detector from the side

Event Displays

In these displays, the inside of the sphere is mapped to 2D using a Mollweide projection, and the color depicts the relative timing (T) or charge (Q) of each PMT pulse according to the scale at the bottom of the picture.

The first candidate anti-neutrino, prompt event
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The first candidate anti-neutrino, delayed event
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A muon that enters the detector from the upper right and stops inside the detector

A Cherenkov ring from muon passing just outside the balloon in the mineral oil

A Michel electron following a muon decay

Detector Construction and Commissioning

Inside the detector during PMT installation
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Cleaning the inside of the steel sphere

Bolting down a pmt
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Attaching black paper "collars" to the PMTs
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A ghastly group of PMT installers
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A picture of the balloon fully deployed, from below

A tanker delivering mineral oil to the mine

Inside the KamLAND detector during oil filling

The oil/scintillator purification room

From left to right: a front-end electronics crate, the trigger, and the trigger electronics/GPS crate

Inside the EHut: the trigger and front end electronics

Commissioning the trigger and the DAQ

Just for fun

Escher's PMT
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Escher's original work

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